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This is from Alison, who’s aged 9…
She says: Craig, my mom is sending this tweet to you.
I was wondering: have you ever gone away to summer camp when you were a kid, and were you scared? 
First of all, can you just go out of the room for a minute, Alison?
I want to just talk to your mom.

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Wolverine Max #5. Art by Jock.  


Wolverine Max #5. Art by Jock.  

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  • Vicki: Damon was the one that turned Vicki, which led to her eventual death.
  • Jenna: Damon killed the vampire Klaus was planning on using in the sacrifice, which led to him using Jenna as an alternative.
  • Alaric: Damon killed Alaric multiple times while he was wearing the Gilbert ring, which was the reason he went crazy.
  • Bonnie’s grandmother: Damon was the one who wanted the tomb open in the first place, despite being warned about it.
  • "She taught me how to kill": Katherine never saw Damon after he first became a vampire. Sage was the one that taught him how to kill.

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#ugh #this is still so ridiculous to me #like i can see some douchebag like matt blaming a woman for something that damon did #what really really annoys me is damon being all like ‘boohoo katherine made me the evil thing i am today’ #and the narrative feeling like it validates this statement? #and am i totally misremembering damon being all like ‘i own my shit’ in s1? this fucking pathetic loser #basically this boils down to damon being an annoying pathetic weak little floppelganger #he’s such a total flop (via sheepboxes)

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Stefan Salvatore in every episode: 1x10 The Turning Point

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