James McAvoy’s first big screen hit came when he played a noble faun in the film adaptation of C.S. Lewis’ The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe – a role rather different from his most recent outing as a morally bereft cop in Irvine Welsh’s Filth. But whether it’s fighting fictional White Witches, being tortured in The Last King of Scotland, or soliciting blow jobs from underage girls in Filth, no one can deny James’s commitment to his craft. So unwavering is his commitment and ability to push himself that Jon S. Baird, Filth’s director, called James’s performance “better than De Niro’s in Taxi Driver”. A bold statement perhaps, but there’s no doubt that James is one of Britain’s finest actors to emerge in the last decade.

Before Filth is unleashed upon an unsuspecting American audience next month, we catch up with James in New York sans new husband, Irish actor, Michael Fassbender. While there is no doubt, we all know there isn’t anything James wouldn’t do for love; we do want to know if there isn’t anything he wouldn’t do for a role?   (source) 

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Screenshots of Fassbender and McAvoy + backstage

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We are with you, sire! For Sparta, for freedom, to the death!

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Vanilla Fever

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sherlock episodes + colour: the hounds of baskerville

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Delsin gets bored.

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(on his move from Europe to Rockland County, NY at the age of 12) “I had an accent. High school was tough a little bit for a few years. I wanted to fit in. I wanted to be liked. I wanted to be good-looking. I wanted to be popular. I spent a lot of time thinking, ‘What are these people going to think of me?”

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